Finance Consulting

  • Forecasts & Budgets
  • Financial Advisory
  • Capital Structure

Forecasts & Budgets

Businesses are driven by numbers. Having a strategic CFO consultant as a business partner can help you understand the numbers and use them to help develop accurate forecasting and budgeting. This provides you and leadership team with valued information to make informed decisions. Let BAS be your strategic business partner with forecasting and budgeting that enable your team the flexibility to make informed business decisions through finance consulting.

Financial Advisory

A company’s biggest business decisions are dependent on financial information and projections. A CFO consultant as member of your corporate team can help your corporate leadership team align business goals with long term financial strategy. BAS can offer this type of advisory services to achieve the goals of the organization.

Capital Structure

All businesses have some difficulty understanding the right combination of financing that will allow your company to thrive in the marketplace while taking into consideration risk assessment. BAS can help you make the call and assist in raising capital that aligns with corporate financial strategy using our financial consulting services.

Call Business & Accounting Solutions, LLC (BAS PDX) today (503) 710-6213 for your Capital needs assessment. BAS PDX provides a complete list of outsources CFO Services to Portland and Gresham including help in raising capital, finance forecast services, high-level strategy, financial consulting, systems design, cash flow, and bookkeeping.