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Keeping the Cash Flowing
One of the most challenging tasks of small business owners is managing their cash balances. There is a saying “Profits” cure a lot of ills, but “Cash Flow” pays the doctor bills. We can help you get the right tools in place so you can stay on top of your cash. Whether it’s setting up the right reporting, creating forecasts, or preparing a loan package for your local bank, we can help you keep your cash flowing.
Costs -vs- Revenue
The main aim of a business is to earn profits. We can perform an analysis of profitability by location, product, employee, or whatever grouping is meaningful for you. This information will help you make better decisions about your revenue mix and make your business more profitable in the long term.
Process Development and Improvement
We can also take a look at areas within your accounting system that are costing you more than they should be. These could include areas of duplicate data entry, time spent on manual reports, and bottlenecks in general. We’ll suggest improvements that can save your time and money and keep your bookkeeping bill as low as possible.
Real Estate and Equipment Acquisition
Planning a large investment? We can help you compare and evaluate your options from a financial standpoint so you can make an informed decision.
Behind the Controls
Small business accounting functions often lack the internal controls and procedures to help prevent fraud, theft, and other risks to your hard-earned assets. That means your business assets, from cash to inventory to receivables, could be at greater risk of being mishandled We can review the duties of each bookkeeper and make suggestions to procedure changes that will lower your risk and help you better protect your business assets.
Planning and Budgeting
Do you know exactly what you want your business to look like in three to five years, but are not sure how to get there? We can help you make sense of the financial piece of planning so you can achieve your dreams.
In the short term, we can also help you create a budget for your business so you can control expenses and see where you stand relative to your goals.
Staff Training
If you don’t have the time or expertise to train your bookkeeping or accounting staff, we can provide the training they need to become proficient in their accounting duties.