Benefits of Strategic Planning

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To grow a business, you need to have a vision of your organization's future and the basic steps required to achieve that future. Simply put, you need a strategic plan for achieving that growth.


What is strategic planning?

A strategic plan is used to communicate the goals of the organization, the actions needed to achieve those goals, and all the other critical elements developed during the strategic planning process.  In short, strategic planning is the process of determining what a business should become and how it can best get there.


What are the benefits of strategic planning?

Strategic planning allows your business to be proactive rather than reactive. Taking the time to put together a strategic plan allows you to take the time to plan for your future – the good and the bad. You’ll be able to anticipate unfavorable scenarios and take precautions to avoid them. As you hit milestones along your plan, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done next to keep growing your business. When you are proactive with your business decisions, you are better able to keep up with the ever-changing trends in the market and always stay one step ahead of the competition.


Strategic planning sets up a sense of direction. A strategic plan allows you to find your way from where your business is now to the future you envision for it. Your strategic plan is like a map that helps you plot out the path your organization must travel. Part of strategic planning is establishing realistic objectives and goals what align with the vision and mission you have for your business. It’s the foundation upon which an organization can grow, evaluate its success, compensate its employees, and establish boundaries for efficient decision making.


Strategic planning increases operational efficiency. Having a map to follow allows your employees do their job more efficiently. Your strategic plan should guide management discussions and decision making in determining resource and budget requirements to accomplish set objectives.


Strategic planning helps to increase market share and profitability. Taking the time to develop a strategic plan allows organizations to get valuable insights on market trends, consumer segments, as well as product and service offerings which may affect their success. Taking an approach that is targeted and well strategized can help to turn sales and marketing efforts into the best possible outcomes, which will in turn increase profitability and market share.


Strategic planning can make your organization more durable. The business world can be fickle. Industries and world markers are constantly changing, and a business that does well one year may falter then next year. Organizations that lack a strong foundation, that don’t have focus and foresight, have the most trouble making it from year to year. With a strategic plan, though, you know exactly what you need to do to ride through that harder years. Preparation can bring your business through the roughest waters.


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