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Businesses in Gresham and Portland can rely on the services of Business & Accounting Solutions to help keep their finances in order. Outsourcing CFO services is a smart, cost-efficient way to get expert assistance with your finances. Having an outsourced CFO in your back pocket means having a wealth of knowledge and experience available whenever you need it.


BOOKKEEPING. We can assist with getting your books under control with exceptional, trustworthy bookkeeping services, which provides business owners the necessary tools needed to make informed business decisions. As a QuickBooks Pro-Advisor, BAS can save you literally dozens of hours of learning. Your financials contain valuable information to help you run your business, so it is important that your bookkeeping operations is accurate and up-to-date. After updating your books, BAS can develop and run the critical reports that are essential for day-to-day operations as well as for targeting and measuring future growth.


CASH FLOW. Cash flow measures a company's general internal growth and its ability to return profits to shareholders. BAS can do a cash flow analysis of your business to provide insight into how your company generates and expends cash and how much is left over after expenses. Additionally, we can give you a breakeven analysis, which helps to explain how each expense category is affected by an increase or decrease in revenue. BAS can break down these details for you, so you can make better informed business decisions.


FINANCE CONSULTING. The ability of a company to forecast for its future depends on its ability to budget properly. Having a strategic CFO consultant as a business partner can help you understand the numbers and use them to help develop accurate forecasting and budgeting decisions. Let BAS be your strategic business partner with forecasting and budgeting services. With finance consulting from BAS, you get excellent financial advisory.


CAPITAL STRUCTURE. When it comes to capital structure, all businesses have some difficulty understanding the right combination of financing that will allow their company to thrive in the marketplace. This is because risk assessment must be taken into consideration. Effective CFO’s collaborate with other functional leaders to develop ways to use finance to improve their effectiveness and bottom-line results. BAS can help you make the call and assist in raising capital that aligns with corporate financial strategy.


A company’s most important business decisions are often dependent on financial information and projections. Having a CFO consultant as a member of your corporate team can provide valuable insight to align business goals with long term financial strategy. BAS can offer this type of advisory service to achieve the goals of your organization. Let BAS provide the kind of authentic leadership style that will inspire others and make a difference to your team.


If you're considering outsourcing your CFO services, look no further than Business & Accounting Solutions. Our CFO services include bookkeeping, cash flow, finance consulting, and more. Contact us or call (503) 710-6213. Know someone in need of CFO services? Consider our referral program.