How An Accountant Can Help Grow Your Gresham Business, Part 2

BAS PDX Pro_How An Accountant Can Help Grow Your Gresham Business, Part 2

Growing Your Gresham Business With THE HELP OF AN ACCOUNTANT

Hiring an accountant as you begin your Gresham business is one of the surest ways to make sure it is on the path to positive growth. Your accountant’s experience and knowledge can help provide the foresight necessary to help guide you through upcoming challenges and opportunities. Gresham business owners who have the assistance of an accountant from the beginning will have a cutting-edge advantage over their competition.

What ways can an accountant benefit your Gresham business?

Below are just a few ways that hiring an accountant can benefit your Gresham business:

Use Industry Benchmarks To Compare Your Numbers. Your accountant can offer you financial benchmarking analysis tools to help you see how your Gresham business compares to other companies in your field. Knowing what the industry-specific standards are for your KPIs is a good starting point and allows you to begin planning ahead. By knowing these standards, you will be able to tell if you are performing better or worse or if your cost ratios are too high or within the norm. Knowing this opens up a conversation as to whether changing one thing could make a big and positive difference to the bottom line. In many cases, you can find one or two quick wins and go from there.

Know The Value Of Your Gresham Business Today. Even if you are a long way off from considering retirement, knowing the value of your business today is important so you can plan for the future you want to have. Don’t let opportunities pass you by. Be prepared and ready for it with the appropriate valuation consulting so you have an estimate of how much your business is worth given market conditions. An accountant can help your begin some degree of business succession planning to build up the people who may eventually take over key parts of the business.

Create An Advisory Board With Your Accountant. Your accountant is likely to be well connected within their field. They will know other top professionals who serve clients like you but have diverse areas of expertise. When you can tap into the connections your accountant has, it will be like “renting” the C-suite. When your Gresham business is growing, it may be difficult to buy C-level expertise in legal, finance, operations or other functional areas to have in-house as employees. Advisory boards are a cost-effective way to bounce ideas off of professionals in a safe environment. Tap into the connections available to you through your accountant and receive quality, professional advice for a fraction of the price of hiring C-level employees.

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