More Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Potential Accountant

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Your accountant needs to be someone who can help your business thrive—a person who can look ahead, plan thoroughly, and help grow your business alongside you. Hiring an accountant to allow your Portland business to grow is a huge step along the path to success. However, you must make sure you are hiring someone who can put your business on the right path toward forward growth. Here are some more helpful questions to ask your potential accountant during the interview process:


Can you represent me in all the states where I do business?

If your business operates across more than one state, check to make sure your potential accountant is certified in the states that you operate. Different states sometimes have different requirements for what makes an accountable qualified.


By what means are you be willing to communicate? Are you open to email or other online communication?

The digital age of communication makes it easier than ever for us to keep in touch and exchange information. Most professional firms will use email, Skype, teleconferencing, and other online means to stay in touch with their clients. Open communication is key to building a successful business relationship and the more up-to-date your accountant can keep you on your finances, the better. There are some individuals, however, who may not feel comfortable emailing due to security reasons. You will ultimately do better business if the preferences of you and your accountant line up.


How often should we meet to discuss my business taxes?

One of the primary services your accountant can perform is tax consultation. Generally, it is recommended that you meet with your accountant mid-year, after the June financial statements are prepared. Some firms and accountants even recommend meeting quarterly. While you may pay a little more to meet more often, it is better than finding out at the end of the year that you have a tax problem. Orchestrating a last-minute rush to secure the issue may prove to be just as costly in the end.


What are your tax philosophy and tax planning priorities?

Have an open and honest discussion about the tax philosophy of your potential hire. Make sure that their approach to doing taxes is one that you are comfortable with. For example, is your potential accountant cautious, assertive, or aggressive about taking deductions? Which do you prefer? Which would suit your business best? Some good examples to discuss with the potential hire are things like travel expenses and home office deductions. If you find yourself uncomfortable with the accountant’s style of approach, it is best to keep looking.


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