What Questions Should You Ask When Hiring an Outsourced CFO?

BAS PDX Pro_What Questions Should You Ask When Hiring an Outsourced CFO


Hiring an employee is always hard. It’s important to make sure that this person is the right fit and brings the right expertise with them. Hiring an outsourced CFO is very similar. Although this person may only be working with your organization a few days per week or month, it is important that they bring relevant financial expertise and that they are the right fit for your organization.

Make sure you pick the right outsourced CFO with some of these interview questions:

1. Do you have relevant industry experience?

Most likely the CFO you are interviewing will be well versed across different industries. It is still important to ask this question though. Each industry is different. Making sure that the outsourced CFO has experience and knowledge of your industry is a must. By hiring a CFO who has experience in your industry, your organization will end up saving time and money.

2. What is your Prior Project Experience?

It is important to know that an outsourced CFO’s experiences line up with what your business or organization needs. A CFO can offer many different services, but make sure they offer what your business needs. Get what you need done and don’t waste time or money.

3. How do you typically work with clients?

When hiring an outsourced CFO you are looking for a partner. It’s important to understand if your partners work well with each other. It is essential to make sure that your newly hired CFO has top notch communication skills and can wear the many hats it takes to complete the financial responsibilities for your business.

Business & Accounting Solutions has experience across many different industries. We understand that each business will have different needs and expectations. Our CFOs are well-versed and have the knowledge to wear the many different hats needed in the financial industry.

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