Choosing the Right Accountant for Your Small Gresham Business

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Growing your business in Gresham. Growing a business is no small task. To ensure that your business keeps growing and doesn’t stagnate, there comes a point where every business owner needs to take on an accountant. The task, however, can seem daunting. With so many options out there, how can you be sure you’re making the right choice?

Choosing the right accountant is key to running a successful business. A good accountant, after all, can save you time and help your business grow while a bad one could end up costing you in fines and fees. Ask yourself the following questions as you consider hiring an accountant for your Gresham-based business:


Why should I hire you? When you have a potential candidate for an accounting position, make sure you ask yourself if they are truly the right choice. You need someone who can act as your business partner – someone who demonstrates the skills and knowledge for supporting a small business.

Take your time choosing. Research each candidate and meet with multiple candidates before making your final choice. In the interview process, make them prove themselves. Ask about their qualifications. Are they regulated by a professional body? Have they worked with small businesses before? Have they worked with businesses in your field?


Can you get more bang for your buck? Your accountant can do more than just look after annual accounts and tax compliance issues. Utilize your accountant’s time and skills to the full extent of their capabilities. Accountants can help you with finding grants, government funding pots, and tax relief schemes. They can help you sell shares in the business, crowdfund or find angel investment.


Are we a good match? If your accountant has previous experience working with businesses related to your sector, they will naturally be adept in the operations of your business and be able to guide your small Gresham business towards growth. Ask your accountant which companies they’ve worked and if they’ve worked with businesses in similar life stages to yours.

Different accountants offer different levels of engagement. Be clear and upfront with your expectations about how often you’ll be in contact and how you’ll stay in contact – be it by phone, with personal meetings, through email, skype, or other means.


Are things working out? The process doesn’t stop once the accountant is hired. When you’ve finally taken on an accountant, continue to measure their performance. Hold monthly meetings where you can ask for their views on the business and its finances. It can be a good sign if you find that their view is close to yours, but keep in mind that you should still want to see a degree of challenge and initiative. If your accountant is only telling you what you want to hear, they aren’t doing their job properly.

Your accountant should have questions for you, too, as you continue to work together. A good accountant is proactive and will approach you with concerns and questions. The key to building a trusting relationship with your accountant is continual, open communication.


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